Great Travel Locations In General

Nepal — A very beautiful, friendly and spiritual country. I will definitely come back, possibly to do the Annapurna Circuit.

Laos — I regret only spending a week in this wonderful country. It is probably the friendliest and honest place I have ever been too and all the fellow backpackers you meet are the “right kind” that is fun to hang with. What was surprisingly good was the food.

Croatia — Picture perfect, a lot to see and do and great food!

Memorable Travel Locations

(places that I will always remember but not necessarily travel back to)

Bangladesh — Your perspective on life drastically change after you have been to Bangladesh. The bar for what I consider a “poor person” got drastically lower but I also realized that material possessions have very little to do with happiness. A big surprise to me was how much poorer Bangladesh is compared to India.

Jeep from Manali to Leh (India) — Probably the coolest road trip I have ever done. The landscape is outstanding and keeps on changing by the hour. My friend Max summarized it the following way “I can’t find enough adjectives to describe what I have just experienced”

Sossusvlei (Namibia) — Sand dunes when they are the most beautiful. There is a nice hotel (Sossusvlei Lodge) where you can have a dip in the pool, a cold beer and look out over the most beautiful sunset you will ever see.

Great Cities

Paris — It’s beautiful city, packed with tonnes of world class sites and amazing food.

New York — The slogan “capital of the world” really is true. NYC really have incorporated a bit of everything from all over the world.

San Sebastian — Amazing tapas and one of the best city beaches of Europe.

Great Scuba Diving Locations

Red Sea (Egypt) — No other place that I have been to combine beauty and quantity the way the “south” Red Sea does. On top of this, the fact that the water is crystal clear and there are a bunch a world class wrecks laying around doesn’t hurt.

Sipadan Island (Malaysia) — When it comes to “the big stuff” this places is unbelievable. I averaged maybe 30 sharks and 10 turtles per dive!

Similan Islands (Thailand) — Probably the most accessible world class diving in the world. If you go there I really recommend the longer trips including Richelieu Rock.

Komodo National Park (Indonesia) — Really good diving with crazy strong currents.

Great Spiritual Locations

Jerusalem (Israel) — I love to travel to active spiritual places where people still practice there religion. And in this compartment nothing that I have been too comes even close to Jerusalem. You have the Dome of the Rock, The Wailing Wall and The Holy Sepulchre within walking distances of each other.

Golden Temple, Amritsar (India) — Probably the second coolest spiritual place I have visited. The live music that is played have a trance like effect on you while you walking barefoot around the Golden Temple watching the Sikhs put there sword in there turban and taking a bath.

Varanasi (India) — Some people miss this on there trip to India which is a shame. But the holiest place in Hinduism will definitely make an impression on you, for the better or the worse.

Great Chill Locations

Malapascua (Philippines) — A small paradise island perfect for a honeymoon. There is Italian guy running an restaurant on the island that serves kick-ass Italian food!

El Nido (Philippines) — You feel completely isolated from the rest of the world when you arrive at this little village along the ocean with one of the most beautiful lime cliff archipelagos just outside.

Havelock (India) — Kind of a disappointment when I was there since I was expecting more partying. But if you look for “chilled out place with a non crowded beach in India” this is the place to go.

Dahab (Egypt) — If you like laying on a mat in a cafe under the naked sky sipping on a waterpipe while looking out over a beautiful ocean after a day of world class snorkeling you will enjoy this place!

Gili Air (Indonesia) — Nice car free island where you can sit on the beach in front of a calm ocean and look at an active volcano (Lombok).