Below are some of my work…

Leonardo, 2011- today

I am currently working on a digital painting application:


Master Thesis on Sparse Voxel Octree’s, 2009 – 2010

In this paper I look at different solutions for handling large voxel volumes. I also developed a prototype with the following features:

1. Unlimited model size (not bound by memory constrains)
2. Undo-Redo functionality
3. Voxel compression when stored on disk (Swedish)


Profitable Online Poker Bot, 2008 – 2009

I have written a system for screen scraping, data mining, lobby handling, opponent modelling and AI for Texas Hold’em that run on three of the major poker sites. The bot has shown to make a small profit over time although it can only play on low stakes.

The code is written in C++ as a multi-process application with heavy use of the Win32 API for IPC and screen scraping.



Celestial Impact ( 2006 – 2008

An online mutliplayer first person shooter featuring fully deformable terrain and curved gravity.

I worked as the solo programmer and game designer. Although the game is inspired by Quake 3 I wrote all the code myself from scratch. Content in game was developed by Daniel Carlsson and Daniel Wikell. Celestial Impact won’s Most-Innovative-Multiplayer of 2008.

The game is written in C with OpenGL & GLSL for graphics, Winsock UDP for networking and DirectSound and Vorbis OGG for sound/music. The client run on Windows and the server run on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

MASK, 2004 – 2005

A multiplayer first person shooter featuring “crappy” deformable terrain. The idea behind the game was “Liero in 3D” (Mask is Swedish for worm).

I worked as the solo programmer and game designer. This game really sucks compared to Celestial Impact but it was my first experience with 3D-Graphics, OpenGL and network programming.

Written in C with OpenGL for graphics and OpenAL for sound.



Eudox ( 2003

An calculator capable of solving equations, derivative, 2D- and 3D-plotting.

Started as a school project but after the course ended I took the math code written by Björn Terelius and wrapped it in a UI and added more advanced plotting functionality.

Eudox is written in C/C++ with Win32 API for the UI.